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A Coordinated NOAA Response to the National HAB Problem

While NCCOS houses the majority of HAB programs within NOAA, other programs contribute to a coordinated response to the HAB problem. Below are many of NOAA’s HAB research, management, and response efforts:

  • The Harmful Algal Blooms Observing System (HABSOS) - HABSOS is implemented by NOAA NCDDC in partnership with NOAA CSC, the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Office, and state agencies. HABSOS demonstrates an online, integrated information system for managing HAB data, events, and effects. The HAB Integrated Observing System (HABIOS) is a broader effort in the Gulf of Mexico headed by the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Observing System (GCOOS) Regional Association and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance. The objective is to develop a plan to integrate the multiple existing systems that are operated by state, federal, and local agencies (such as HABSOS, the NOAA HAB Forecasting System, CDC’s Harmful Algal Bloom-related Illness Surveillance System (HABISS), and state and local efforts). 

Other NOAA offices with HAB research projects
To find projects related to HABs on webpages below, perform a keyword search (for example, “Harmful Algal Bloom”).

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